The use of the freezing and / or thawing method is intended not only for the storage of simple embryos, but also for the use of defective reproductive capacity for protection in the coming years, and has also led to the development of the use of new methods and approaches. With the help of the method called vitrification, it is possible to successfully conceive, freeze and unfreeze all the stages of embryos, ovarian tissue, and oocytes (if you want an advanced embryo called a blastocyst, or a unicellular embryo). In recent years, in patients who have a large number of embryos, only one method has been recommended to them, and while using the freeze / thaw method today, even for couples with one embryo, they can now achieve high success rates.

What Does the Embryo Freezing Process Mean? Pairs that, after the transfer, there are superfluous qualitative embryos, can be frozen in Turkey up to 5 years. If the laboratory environment is good, the success of the transfer of frozen embryos is quite high.