If a woman wants to give birth naturally and has this chance, she needs help. In fact, everyone knows that normal delivery has many good benefits. Postnatal recovery process for the female body as a result of natural births is much faster, can independently take care of the baby immediately after discharge from the hospital, less used painkiller.

Epidural anesthesia is the nature a common method of anesthesia for childbirth. Since epidural anesthesia has been used in our country for the last 10 years, the main goal of this method of anesthesia is to reduce or completely eliminate pain, which ultimately makes the birth comfortable for the mother and safe for the newborn.

For some women without epidural anesthesia, natural delivery is a lot of trouble. To the natural childbirth should be psychologically prepared. For women who are not ready for this, normal delivery can cause discomfort. The same applies to cesarean section. If, with a strong desire to give birth naturally, a woman will have to do a cesarean section, if not psychologically trained, the woman will be upset. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready and natural childbirth and Caesarean section. Zarubezhom there is a big difference between normal births. In our country, a cesarean section is used frequently, and no one can say that this is the right practice for our country. Even in public and hospital settings at the university, the cesarean section rate is more than 50%, and in private hospitals it is more than 90%. It’s just not logical.