The path to pregnancy is not always easy. Age, lifestyle or health problems can cause infertility, that is, if usually after one year of unprotected and regular sexual activity, pregnancy does not occur. Factors that cause infertility can occur in one or both partners at once, but sometimes the reasons are not explainable. Your ability to become pregnant will be determined by answers to the following questions. When your doctor tells you and your partner about possible causes and treatment options, do not feel guilty or blame.

Is the sperm healthy enough? A man in maturity should be able to produce enough active sperm for the fertilization of a female egg.

Is ovulation occurring? Every month a woman from the ovaries should regularly get an egg to meet with the sperm.

Can sperm and egg meet? To meet the sperm and the egg, they need to pass without obstacles on the open way to male and female reproductive organs.

Can the fetus attach itself? The fetus must be able to penetrate into the inner layer of the uterus.

Is age the cause of infertility? Women are born with about two million immature eggs, but most can not mature and mature and crack. By the age of 35, a woman’s fertility is reduced due to a decrease in the number and quality of eggs. This trend is further accelerated after about 40 years. The levels of hormones also affect the reproductive capacity of women. For this reason, if you are over 35, it is advisable not to linger with practice. A man can produce sperm throughout his life, so in most cases, age is not the cause of infertility for men.