Azoospermia is one of the most serious causes of male infertility. Azoospermia is a pathological condition in which sperms are absent in ejaculate. The main causes of azoospermia, the obstruction of the ducts in male reproductive system (vas deferens) from the testicles due to congestion or the inability of male ovaries (testes) to produce semen in a very small amount, or just nothing at wall.

In both cases, male patients with their spouses should go to the center of in vitro fertilization, primarily to search for sperms directly from the testicle using a testicular puncture - MESA or PESA, and if the production of sperm is very small, or just do not, then the sperms should be obtained by TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction-testicular biopsy).

The MIKRO-TESE method is used. in cases of obstruction of the vas deferens from the testicles and the absence of sperm, as well as with easy search for sperm but in a small amount or absences. (Microdissection TESE) - Micro TESE is the most high-tech technique for extracting sperms from the testicle, which is carried out with the help of special microscopic equipment. The likelihood of finding the sperm with MIKRO-TESE is also quite satisfactory.

Who have not been found sperm biopsies, with MIKRO-TESE sperm can be found in 50-60% of men. Men who will do a biopsy to search for sperm should pay much attention to the selection of the center, otherwise sperm cells that are already difficult to find for themselves (not frozen and the test result becomes unsuitable) can be wasted.

In medicine, it was explained that previously performed varicocele surgery - varicose veins of the testicle is not useful. In addition, in the presence of a tumor, infectious or inflammatory processes, urologists prescribe treatment.