There are two types of pain during childbirth. The first occurs during uterine contractions and stretching of the cervix. This pain is dull and not specifically localized. Often it is felt not in the place of origin, but is given to the region of the waist and sacrum. The second kind of pain appears before the birth of the child and is caused by the stretching of the tissues in the lower part of the birth canal with the progress of the fetus and further attempts. This pain is acute, and women very accurately feel it in the vagina, rectum and perineum. Most women describe this pain as “catastrophic, scary, etc.”. While others experience mild discomfort. The young age of the mother, the use of oxytocin, pain in the lumbar region and groin during menstruation, excess weight of the mother and / or infant or the first birth are the main factors causing pain in childbirth.

Methods of pain reduction

  • Exercises and breathing techniques during pregnancy;
  • Methods developed for concentration;
  • During delivery, use of drugs intravenously or intramuscularly;
  • Application of nitrogen protoxide and oxygen gas;
  • Epidural anesthesia (anesthesia: reduces pain or eliminates).